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Khira Fashions is founded by Christine Willson, a mother, and an author, who hails from West African Origin.
Having lived in England and now in the United States, Christine has always blended a fusion of Western and African designs to create her own styles.

After many years of designing clothes for herself, family members and friends, she rose to the calling. The calling and love that she experiences when designing outfits. Whether they are a simple casual fit or an elegant gown for a special occasion, her goal is to create clothing that makes you feel confident and look elegant.



A true vision of what I’ve always embodied which is blending African and Western Designs. I’ve spent years designing outfits that are unique to myself and loved by many. The compliments received over many years by women who uplift women, urging me to start a collection of designs, is what led to this journey; ‘The birth of Khira Fashions’. What was once a hobby is now a business.

Khira Fashions is a brand that curates achievable style for all by designing chic & comfortable styles to create fabulous looks. Women love styles that add to their confidence and we strive to design fits that compliment various body types. Khira Fashions Clothing is designed to bring ease and style to your everyday life whether you are on vacation or spending summer at home. Designs are effortlessly chic with 100% silk designs and 100% cotton fabrics.

Prepare to turn heads and receive compliments.
Simple, yet elegant pieces that transition from everyday outfits to special occasions.
Bring on the FASHAWN!!
Step out with added confidence!