6 Important Fashion Rules to Live by

6 Important Fashion Rules to Live by

When you hear or read a line that says “Fashion Rules“, what comes to your mind? “Rules? Naaah!”. Looking good they say is good business. It also gives you this superb confidence knowing you are looking your best and what you are wearing is fashionable. There are so many fashion tips out there, but these rules would not only help you curate a fashionable closet, they will also help save money and keep you looking fabulous. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Invest in multi-seasonal clothes

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Multi-seasonal clothes will be useful all year round. These can be jeans, jackets, kimonos, t-shirts, or dresses. They can be paired with other clothing to spice up your style.

2. Buy quality materials

Aylin Kimono set 3 by Khira Fashions (1)

Quality over quantity is one of the best fashion rules you can ever abide by. Instead of buying several inexpensive pieces, buy quality pieces that will remain classics in your closet.

3. Accessorize

Accessories are the “small but mighty” of fashion. They complement your outfits and switch up basic outfits. Some of the trending accessories are fedora, hoop earrings, stylish rings, scarves, necklaces and so much more. The rule with accessories is not to do too much so as not to go overboard.

4. Mix and Match

Invest in prints. Be bold & beautiful. Mix and match them when necessary to create a diverse outfit.

5. Wear Confidence

Zara Kimono by Khira Fashions

Everyone has a personal style and what you wear shows off your personality. To achieve this, you need to understand your style, what works well for your body type and this will help you decide which clothing will suit you and enhance your looks.

6. Less is more

When dressing, do not dress to kill – like the popular saying. There is beauty in simplicity and minimalism is now the order of the day. If you stick to this rule, even when you don’t wear many pieces, you will look fabulous.

Lastly on important fashion rule

Even though there are fashion rules, fashion is dynamic. It’s not the same for everyone and that’s why we all have our style, and understand when style changes. There are some clothes you might have vowed not to wear in the past and later with a change of style choice, you find yourself wearing these clothes and feel comfortable wearing it. This happens because change is the only thing that’s constant so do you every time and change when you feel like it. Be unique!

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