Top 5 Tips for Dressing Confidently

Top 5 Tips for Dressing Confidently

Dressing confidently is never about the clothes, shoes, bags, or other accessories that complement the outfit. It’s more about how you feel when wearing the clothes and how comfortable you are in them.  At Khira Fashions, we understand the importance of wearing confidence, that is why we keep creating designs that compliment various body types.

Why you need these tips?

  1. No matter what you wear, you don’t feel confident enough.
  2. You are always wondering what other people will think of your outfit.
  3. If you are always wearing the same outfit.
  4. You are always trying to wear clothes that do not call attention to you
  5. If you are someone who is always confused about what you wear despite having so many clothes to select from.

Wearing Confidence like armor

Dressing confidently makes your favorite fashionistas on Instagram look perfect without blemishes. That confidence is not physical yet a mighty and very important accessory needed to complete an outfit. With confidence, you can also look like the popular Lisa Folawiyo or Tracee Elis Ross! You must be wondering, how do you get that confidence, I’m here to tell you it’s not so complicated and if you follow the next few steps, your fashion game might just be topping the charts in weeks to come! Below are the top 5 tips for dressing confidently;

1. Accept your shape

The first step in dressing confidently is the need to accept your body shape. You are beautiful just the way you are and that’s no lie. Fat is inevitable! If you do not like where it is, exercise and tone down the calories targeting that place, and in no time, you will achieve your goal. Always remember that beauty comes in different sizes and shapes so next time you are thinking of a part of your body that looks unattractive, think of those parts that are attractive, those parts that make you smile, and focus on that.

2. The right color

Georgia Kaftan by Khira Fashions

Get your color right! Have you ever heard someone saying, “That color looks good on her”? Yeah, that compliment comes with you knowing what colors works best for you, and the two things that determine this are your hair color and skin tone. The most interesting part of this is that sometimes a color that looks so good on you might not be a color you like. To get this right, you would have to go through a lot of trial and error, but finding the right colors can elevate your look from 0 to 100.

3. Be familiar with your size

It’s one thing to accept your shape, it’s another thing to know your shape. You need to know what sizes you wear and not just guess it. There are different types of body shapes, and knowing the exact category you fall under will speed up the process of you accepting your body shape and it will also help you when choosing outfits to buy. To make this easier, you can look for a fashion icon who has the same body shape as you and create a Pinterest board to save the person’s outfit and styles. This would help in choosing your outfits when it’s time to shop.

4. Experiment!

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Experimenting with new outfits is also one way to ensure your confidence game is not on the low. Experimenting itself needs confidence, so, trying something new is daring. The good news, however, is that it just might click. To make this a success, you can get inspiration from fashion blogs, or magazines. Remember, some of the popular trends started with someone daring to do it.

5. Put ‘em sunshades on

Daila Set – Gold

Sunglasses shows that you are cool, you’ve got this and you are in charge. Dressing confidently is a “fake it till you make it” thing. It grows on you. You do not get it instantly. The sunshade will help you in faking it till you don’t have to fake it anymore. 

Conclusion on dressing confidently

Adhering to these tips will improve your confidence level but it’s not magic. It is not going to happen immediately, it’s a gradual process and it will be difficult at first but you have to try. Wear comfortable clothes and always remember to sport a smile every time, it’s the fastest way to show you are in charge of your style.

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